Lock Basics from the 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Experts in Woongarrah

Locksmithing is a rewarding line of work that requires many different attributes and specialised knowledge. For long-time locksmiths, this stuff is second nature and a source of infinite wonder for other members of the trade. Those not well-versed in the world of the 24 hour locksmith in Woongarrah, however, might not share the same level of enthusiasm, but that’s perhaps because they don’t know much about it yet! At Northlakes Locksmiths, the premier emergency locksmith in Woongarrah, we hope to make others as excited about the wonders of locksmithing as we are, and to do so, would like to offer a few pearls of wisdom about the most basic kinds of locks that one might encounter from day to day.

So, What Kinds of Locks are out There?

There are many different locks, but today we’ll be talking about tumbler locks: lever tumbler locks, disc tumbler locks, and pin tumbler locks. All tumbler locks have what are known as tumblers, which are small metal objects within the lock cylinder that prevent movement of the lock until disengaged with the proper key or combination.

Lever tumbler locks provide your most basic level of security. These locks require a standard flat key, whose cuts raise the tumblers to the correct height and allow the release of the bolt that holds the door in place. Lever tumblers usually have five or fewer tumblers within the lock and consist of six parts: the saddle, pivot hole, spring, gating slot, front trap, and rear trap. You most likely use lever tumbler locks for safe deposit boxes, suitcases, lockers, cabinets, and light security doors of various types.

You would use disc tumbler locks in autos, desks, and the like, and they offer similar safety levels as lever locks. They are easy to produce and employ a rotating core that is secured to the cylinder unless you use the right key, so you align the tumblers with their cut-outs in a way that will allow for the lock to be disengaged. Locksmiths will often have to make keys for these locks when the original has been lost. Often, locksmiths will need to pick these kinds of locks or make impressions of a key to gain access.

Pin tumblers are the most secure variety of tumbler locks and come in such sub-varieties as the deadbolt, key-in-knob lock, lever, padlock, and automobile ignition lock. These are self-contained mechanisms that use the downward pressure of springs to prevent the lock from being rotated. The wrong key won’t raise the various tumblers to the right height to be disengaged, but the right key (you guessed it!) will.

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