Security Alarm Systems in Woongarrah

As a small business owner, you have invested a lot into your company. Why take a chance and leave your business exposed to the threats of crime and vandalism? Instead, get the peace of mind that can free up your energy to focus on the important things like growing your business. Imagine the incredible comfort of knowing that while you’re away, your office or storefront are protected. A security alarm system can help protect your business and at Northlakes Locksmiths, we appreciate the need to feel secure. That’s why we take great pride to create personalised security alarm systems in Budgewoi and the surrounding areas.

Lessen Instances of crime with Business Security Alarm Systems

Do you worry about the potential for robbery or vandalism? Our experienced locksmiths help you limit the threat of external and internal theft at your business. For example, we can design a security system using today’s evolved technology to provide 24/7 monitoring or entrance panels coded to each employee. In fact, designing security alarm systems in Wadalba is what we do best.

There are many features that can be added to customise a security system such as fire protection, temperature monitoring and keypads. At Northlakes Locksmiths, we provide complete security services including the installation of security alarm systems in the Hamlyn Terrace area and businesses within the Central Coast.

We specialise in commercial locksmith services in Hamlyn Terrace, Woongarrah, Budgewoi, and Wadalba. Our qualified locksmiths can supply, fit and repair commercial locks, panic bars, door closers, and even electronic strikes. We can also create a restricted master keyed system to easily allow you to control who enters your premises.

Why Businesses Should Get Security Alarm Systems by Northlakes Locksmiths

Some people think getting a security system is expensive, but it saves you money and time. For example, what if you’re away, and the employees forgot the entrance keys? No problem – we can set up a system to allow you to disarm the security system remotely without having to travel to the office or storefront. Also, we could include a testing protocol to lower the instances of false alarms and police visits while keeping your business secure.

There are several advantages for companies to have security alarm systems in place. A security alarm system for business premises in the Woongarrah, Budgewoi, Wadalba and Hamlyn Terrace areas could potentially lower the liability insurance expense. Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums for companies that have a fire and theft monitoring system in place.

Another plus is the possibility of writing off a security alarm system as a business expense. Also, security alarm systems are known crime deterrents for vandals and thieves  – sometimes, just seeing the posted alarm sign or sticker will preclude a break-in or instance of vandalism.

Let Northlakes Locksmiths help you design a security system that works for your business and saves you time and money. Take a further look at our website, or call us today on (02) 4392 7103.